27. April, 2022

DevOps for Startups

By Lars Kruse

DevOps for Startups

A substantial number of startups fail because the software can’t sustain the founder’s ambitions. This is worrying; these startups could live - if only the entrepreneurs understood the nature of software. Get Your Free Copy

DevOps for SaaS StartupsHow To Get Away With Software - click the image to get your free copy

Think big, start small, scale fast

The Startup Way is trending as an adventure everyone should try at least once, if for nothing else than the right to wear the “I Eat Failure For Breakfast” t-shirt.

The majority of startups are essentially software businesses, that is; the product is software. But typical entrepreneurs and innovators are first and foremost business developers and not necessarily ‘tech-savvy’, which puts a lot of startups in the awkward position that they are trying to get away with software, without knowing much about it.

We have created a short booklet with 10 pieces of advise which entrepreneurs, founders, startup employees, business angles and venture capitalists should know - if they are hoping to get away with software.