Founder or partner

How to get away with software

Do you have software as foundation for your revenue stream? then by definition you are a software company! If you were a car repair workshop - you would get mechanics. If you were a restaurant - you would get a chef.

But surprisingly many starups who develop software or have software developed for them, doesn’t have anyone onboard who knows anything about software.

Vi tager medejerskabe i startups, enten som co-founder eller partner. Og vi tager ansvar som ejer-leder typisk i roller som CTO eller tech lead og i processen hjælper vi med at rekruttere, ansætte og oplære det tech-personale, som skal bringe virksomheden i fremtiden.

We can take co-ownership in startups, either as co-founder or partner. And we the take the responsibility as leader, typically in the role as CTO or tech lead and in the process, we help recruit, employ and train the tech-personnel that shall bring the company into the future.

Are we good for each other? First we must get to know one and another - we have described the process in details under detaljer in “Call for ideas”.

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